Thursday, February 20, 2020

Busy French Market

Busy French Market

11 x 14 acrylic paints on gallery wrapped canvas

This painting came about from a summer time visit to a farmers market. I wanted to play a bit with composition and “near and far” aspects of the busy market. 

I began with various folks in the market, capturing their gestures with broad strokes of colour and little detail, since they were essentially “background”. I loved the blue “French Market” umbrellas over the attractive veggie laden tables. I took many pics of the luscious veggies, and “stacked” them in my painting with the warmest colors (oranges, yellows, fire engine reds) in the forefront of the painting. Layered behind were less warm colors of onions and red cabbages. I couldn't resist adding in some little price boards with a bit of French. Choux is french for cabbage! 

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