Sunday, February 16, 2020

All The Angles

All the Angles

11 x 14 inches acrylic paints on gallery wrapped canvas

This painting came out of a photo shoot at the Clarksville Montgomery County Old Courthouse building. The angles produced by the gables and turret towers were were just too lovely to pass up. I got to play with “bouncing” sunlight, (cool on the top and warm in reflected shadows from underneath), when I worked on the statue of Blind Justice that stands atop a pediment on the roof. 

When I looked really closely at the statue's base I saw a flood light fixture. Well to my “bird sensitive” eyes (I am, after all, married to an avid birder.....), the floodlight looked like a red tailed hawk perched on the pediment overlooking the justice building. For whimsey's sake, I immediately painted in a red tailed hawk silhouette, imagining the hawk providing his vision for the use of “Blind Justice”. 

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