Friday, October 3, 2014

Ladybugs: 3 , Brown Thrasher: 0

Ladybugs: 3 , Brown Thrasher: 0

This blog post is a “finally finished” post for “Ladybugs: 3, Brown Thrasher:0.” It is done in acrylic paints, with a bit-o-colored pencils thrown in. It measures 11x 14 inches

I started this painting with a couple of goals in mind.....I wanted to “mix my media” and techniques....using both acrylic paints and colored pencils. I also combined opaque and glazing painting techniques.

Plus I wanted to tell an itty bitty story......a bemused bird (brown thrasher) gently taunted by three ladybugs, who knew they were safe. 'Cause the brown thrasher wouldn't eat them since they taste so bad.

Besides I really liked the photo that Frank had taken of the backlit brown thrasher. And it worked beautifully with the photo I took of the backlit fall leaves. The ladybugs were drawn from (un-fond) memories of being dive bombed last spring by some of their tribe. The only way I could get them to stop was to promise to include them in a future painting. Well.....promise kept!