Thursday, October 24, 2019

Watercolor Play Day at the Library

Watercolor Play at the Logan County Library

Today I got to lead a bitty guided watercolor play date at our lovely Logan County Library. 

It was open to the public and I planned a couple of watercolor exercises that would suit folks who had never held a brush before.....or folks that were looking to learn how to expand their watercolor techniques.

I decided to show folks about primary and secondary colors by making a color wheel using just three colors....the primaries red, blue and yellow. I also wanted to show we could “corral” watercolor by just painting a circle with water and when we filled it with the watercolor paints......the colors wouldn't go beyond that water circle. We then “encouraged” the watercolor paints to mix when they touched, to make the secondary colors green, orange and purple.

For the second part of the “play date” we drew an apple using my photo (noting the shadow side and the high lit side.)

Again using just water to outline and fill our apple. Then we dotted in yellow for the sunlit portion of the apple, then filled up the rest of the outline with red.....and let the colors mingle.
For extra points we drew the apple's shadow and finally joined the two together.

We worked on some light weight smooth watercolor paper and on some thicker rough watercolor papers, so's folks could see the differences in each kind of paper. 

For folks who might be interested in my experiences with watercolor, here are links to other watercolor technique blogs I've posted in the past:

Thanks to everyone that attended and to Logan County Library for hosting.
I had a blast!

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