Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Josephine Henry, Kentucky Suffragist

Josephine Kirby Williamson Henry, Kentucky suffragist

This bitty blog post is showing my recent portrait of Josephine Kirby Williamson Henry, Kentucky suffragist. I'm highlighting her portrait today because there is going to be a dedication ceremony on August 25th2019 in Versailles Kentucky, for a historic marker at her family home. Here's a tiny bit about this amazing woman.

Josephine Henry, 1843-1928 was a Kentucky writer, speaker, political advocate for women's rights. Born in Newport KY and later moved to Versailles, KY. She married Capt. Wm. Henry in 1868. Both were involved in local/state community affairs. 
Josephine Henry was instrumental in getting passage of Kentucky's Married Women Property Act or the Husband and Wife Act in 1894. This bill allowed women the right to own property in Kentucky, overturning old laws preventing women from owning property, receiving wages, making a will or even to be guardians of their own children. Passage of this bill, was a crucial step in women winning the right to vote in Kentucky.

Like many women activists of the time, Josephine Henry came from a well to do family. She had the time, books and support to learn about political issues and developed the will to actually make change happen. She authored pamphlets on women's equality. She lectured throughout the state, and wrote hundreds of articles and editorials for newspapers.She co-founded the Kentucky Equal Rights Association. She died in Versailles after a stroke at the age of 85.

I've also done another historical painting of Josephine Henry, show cased on my historical portraits page: http://www.lyneart.com/HISTORY.HTM

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