Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Clarksville Customs House Museum Exhibit Roundup

Last winter, November 28, 2018 thru February 27, 2019, to be precise, Frank and I had a joint art exhibit at the Clarksville Customs House Museum in Clarksville, Tennessee. 
The kind folks at the Museum set us up in the Kimbrough Gallery of the Museum, and we so appreciated their hard work when we first walked in and saw the show. They had titled the show: The Nature of Things.

I did a walk around taking pics of the various sections of the show: 

Many of Frank's small to mid size pieces were grouped together in a glass case:

Both of us had been working on works celebrating the centennial of the passage of the19thAmendment , so we had one wall with a themed grouping.

and showcased Frank's major sculpture: Prelude to the Affirmation of a Right

Thanks again to the Museum for having our art on display in such a lovely show!

All of these artworks are shown individually on our website http://www.lyneart.com

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