Saturday, April 8, 2017

Now that You've Bought It.....Displaying Artwork in the Home


This time around, on the subject of Displaying Artwork in the Home, I'm gonna talk “how” you can display your new artwork. Since Frank and I are constantly creating new artworks, we also try to be creative about displaying those artworks. Since I am 2D and Frank is 3D, I tend to take the walls for my display spaces, and Frank takes any flat surfaces. That being said, we still have a limited amount of display space in our home.....just as is the case with customers that purchase our artworks.

As you can see in the first photo, we have a lovely antique bookcase made of a dark stained wood. This bookcase is a lovely centerpiece for the living room wall, and is perfect for Frank's Fawn and otter along with his Loon. Then your eye is led to his dark wood framed portrait above. I'm also showing one of my Still Life in Blue small unframed less formal paintings as a counter to the larger pieces.

On this wall I've arranged a trio of his semi-abstract sculptures that all point upwards in different fashions. They “point” or lead the eye up to a small piece I painted, called Haying. These smaller different sized sculptures make a nice grouping, in and of themselves.

As an artist, I like painting pieces that are slightly different from the standard size and shapes. And I like to think an art consumer, who is willing to hunt for just the right size/shape/orientation might find just that “perfect piece” on our website. This piece, “Rain Drops Keep Falling on my.....” is a perfect fit in this small bit of wall beside a doorway.

Then there are spaces, in “alternative” rooms, like the bathroom, that you don't normally consider a display place. But this little piece, Teacup Rose, fits perfectly in our bathroom, right over a towel rack. The piece goes perfectly with the colour scheme of the bathroom, white with dashes of peach, and navy.

Finally, there is always the consideration of just where a piece is displayed to show off the “best views” of that piece. Frank's recently finished piece, Turkey Hollow, puts it's “best beak forward” on this shelf somewhat above eye level. It shows off particularly well the burl of the head and the side grains of the hollow of a tree stump that the turkey is sitting in.

Everyone's home is different and has different opportunities to show off artworks in a person's home collection. All it takes is a bit of creativity and experimentation to show off each piece's best side.

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