Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wooden Geode in Blue

 Wooden Geode in Blue
Acrylic paints on wood with mica chips and salt
This time around I'm still painting but on an entirely different surface. A few weeks ago, Frank started on Turkey Hollow, and in the process of establishing a level base of the carving, Frank sawed off a angled bit of the billet. I saw it discarded on the saw table, and got an idea. I asked him to smooth off the bottom and sides and a top surface.

I had seen some actual gemstone geodes recently at a nature preserve gift shop, and fell in love with the glow of the colours. I had also seen some highly abstracted wooden ones on Pinterest. When I saw the discarded piece of wood on the saw table, everything came together and I decided to try making my very own wooden geode.

I brought the wooden piece inside and poured on a lotta acrylic gel medium, and actually squeegeed off the excess with a small hand held squeegee. After letting it dry for a coupla days I laid in the first of many coats of gel medium mixed with varying intensity of all the different tubes of blue acrylic paints I had on hand. On the top, I finished off with some pale blue and white for a graduated effect

While I was at it, I found an old sample that had come with a paint order, of mica chips suspended in acrylic medium. I also found some small salt crystals in an old plastic “salt grinder”. Both things found their way onto my wooden geode. I continued to cover the salt and mica chips with layers of clear acrylic medium, and the blue parts of the geode with thin layers of multiple shades of blue. As a finish Frank put some tung oil on the still exposed wood sides and bottom of the piece. It's his usual finish for his sculptures.
I finished this piece when it's sheen matched what I'd seen of the “real” rock geodes. I guess you could call this project a real “mixed media” piece......both cellulose and crystalline in it's making.

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