Saturday, March 4, 2017

Us at the US Bank Celebration of the Arts Show

This bitty blog post is just a snapshot of the two of us at the US Bank'sCelebration of the Arts Show reception at the Kentucky Museum on Western Kentucky University's Bowling Green Campus. We both had artwork in the show, some on the bottom floor gallery and some in the upstairs gallery.

I'm pictured with “Do You Wanna Play?”, my motion paintings of our dog Bridge. Frank is standing with “String Player”

Frank also had "Turkey Hollow" on display:

And I also had “Just Messing About” showing:

As always is the case it was fun seeing both how our works looked “out in the (show) world” and seeing all the other artists' works. Western Kentucky puts on a fabulous reception and is a pleasure to get invited and to attend.

Y'all go by the Kentucky Museum and take a look!

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