Saturday, January 14, 2017

Do You Want to Play? Or Bridge Times Four

Starting out my artistic new year with a different kind of painting.....something that is a bit outside of the box (of a regular painting canvas) and also, around the outside of multiple boxes. That sounds really confusing.....right?

I got an idea to show some movement and passage of time in a painting of our dog, Bridge. (So named 'cause HE adopted US when we passed by a local bridge while on our afternoon walk) If you look Bridge up in the dictionary......waaaaay down the list under “motion”, you'll find a teensy tiny pic of Bridge! His flowing movements just didn't seem to fit within a normal rectangular painting I decided to show him in action “sequentially”.

I took four 6x6 inch gallery wrapped canvases , and sketched out an idea for a different kinda hanging set up for the four mini-canvases, all with different views of Bridge. Frank Lyne, (last week's guest blogger) came up with a wonderful solution to hang all four canvases in sequence.

Frank not only got the four canvases to hang with one hook.....but made the whole thing so's it hangs flat on the wall. All three of the connecting wood strips are “sunk” into the back of the canvas's frames! A fantastic solution.....

So now I was ready to paint. I started at the top, and roughed in the first, far away view of Bridge, busily biting his current chew old plastic coffee can. He can have more fun chewing and tossing his can than any fancy toy we could buy. The more teeth marks and the more distorted the shape, the better he likes it!


Next time I'll show another "act" in this “Bridge times Four” artwork.

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