Saturday, January 21, 2017

Art in the Home, or You Bought It....Now What?

 Recently Frank redid our living room walls, from the ground up. Seriously redid in installed entirely new walls. In the process, we brainstormed how best to show off both our artworks in the lovely spaces that were made. As a result, our two and three dimensional artworks show up better than ever.

This whole remodeling process has led me to think about neat ways to show off our art “in the home”. Be it on the walls or on flat spaces.

When we show our artworks in an art show, the gallery is the “show place” of our artworks. Whether it is in a glass show case....

or hanging on the wall...........

But artwork that looks one way, hanging in a gallery or sitting in a case......might look entirely different hanging or sitting in your home.
One of the first things I think about for display of either a painting on the wall....or a sculpture on a flat surface, is the amount of light that the art piece will get, through out the day. Will the art be lit fully in the morning....and less so in the night time lighting? 

 Or will the artwork be in full sunlight from the side.....

 Or will it be lit from above with indoor lighting?

As you can see lighting can make a whole lotta difference in how an artwork will look, when installed in your home.

After I finish a painting, I will often try it out for a day or so, in a coupla different places in my living room. To see how much light it does and doesn't get, and in the case of sculpture....what features are highlit or in shadow. Just this simple trick of “previewing” a new artwork in different spots in a room, can make all the difference in “staying in love” with your new artwork purchase.

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  1. Your art is out only beautiful but displayed beautifully as well.