Monday, September 9, 2019

Gazebo or Study in Shadows and Light

11x14 inches acrylic paint on gallery wrapped canvas

This week's blog post is about a bitty painting called Gazebo. 

This painting ended up being as much about the light glowing thru the latticework of an outdoor gazebo as the beautiful model. I started out with a snippet of a photograph I took at a long ago RenFaire. I rearranged some bits of the composition and started to work. 

The first challenge was getting enough highlights to show the modified model's face, (changed to look at the viewer) but keep with the theme of a backlit shadowed interior. I fell in love with the intricate latticework patterns of light and shadow and how the light seemed to skate off the edges of the latticework fretting.

I soon found that I needed guidance to keep with the straight lines of the latticework. I got out my handy dandy artist's tape and with a T square lined off the correct lines for the latticework and the sunlight that glowed thru the openings. 

After some sitting and looking at the painting I decided the the background tree and ground cover were too busy and competed with the main attraction of the sitter and the gazebo, so's I simplified and muted it a bit and called the painting......done!

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