Monday, May 2, 2016

Clarksville Writer's Conference June 2-3 2016

I am an invited speaker at an upcoming writer's conference, in Clarksville, TN. The conference is the Clarksville Writers Conference that is put on by the Clarksville Montgomery County Arts & Heritage Development Council. This is the link:

The faculty is diverse, and is mostly for adults, but they do have some speakers that tend towards kid lit. I'm the only speaker that will talk specifically about picture books.....from an illustrator's perspective. I know.....I's a "writers conference".....but some of my best friends are writers! Especially the authors of the books I've illustrated.

I'm doing two workshops on June 2nd. My workshop blurbs are:

Making of a Picture Book from Manuscript to Book Shelf-
Learn a bit about the children's book publishing industry and how you as a writer or illustrator can start your journey. Whether it's traditional publishing or self-publishing, the steps to a successful children's picture book are the same. Learn how writers, illustrators and publishers work to make a manuscript the best picture book it can be.

How to Think Like an Illustrator or the Art of the Dummy-
We'll discuss how an illustrator takes your picture book manuscript and breaks it down into page size bites, and what you, as the author, can do to make your manuscript “illustrator ready”. We will look at original manuscripts vs the finished book, and dissect how it was done. We will talk about a picture book dummy (mock up of a real book) and why you should do one.

As always, about any conference.....DO YOUR see if it will be of interest or use to you.

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