Friday, July 11, 2014

Illustrators, Writers and the Needle Arts They Love

This bitty blog post is a "step further" of a blog post “Spinning Yarns” by a dear friend, Tracy Barrett. She is an accomplished young adult author who is also a knitting enthusiast. Her blog post lists some of the similarities between writing and knitting. After reading it, I thought I might carry it a step further, and list a few of my thoughts on similarities between illustrating, writing and the needle arts many of us love.

No matter the discipline, (illustrating, writing, knitting, crocheting etc) anyone that engages in such pursuits is creating something that did not exist before.

Whether it is spinning yarn out of sheep's wool,

or writing a manuscript that I can illustrate,

we are creating something from our own imagination......

Little Knittin' KItteh

or “knitting an idea into being”.

Whether we use simile: “Her imagination came to life.......just like she was really there “

or color/setting consistency (like this series of book covers)

or a knitting pattern repeat,

we are saying that this is like that, and" that" makes a pattern, and tells part of a story.

I've always thought that writing, illustrating, knitting et al, are all parts of a story of matter the medium you work in, matter the discipline that you follow, it's all making something!


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