Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chubby Cheeks: A Colored Pencil Bright Spot

8x10 inches Colored Pencil

I used as reference for this colored pencil piece, a photo taken by my husband Frank. Frank photographed this little guy while he was eating his breakfast of a sunflower seed.  I used another photo I'd taken of some fall leaves to draw the leaves that liven up the surrounding grass.

I had a ball doing this very intricate piece.  I've found that doing a complicated piece like this is  almost like doing a  jig saw puzzle.  As you can see from the  "work in progress" pic below, I usually finished each section/leaf almost fully before proceeding onto the next.  It was about at this stage that I decided it worked better as an oval than the originally intended rectangle.  It's fun to "go with the flow" of what the artwork wants to be!

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