Friday, October 4, 2013

Name that PBP (Picture Book Person) : "I have become a pirate, and then come down with a bad case of stripes......"

Figure out the answer to the riddle and you'll learn a bit more about PBs today.  Every time you click on a cover or read a review, or even flip thru a PB in the bookstore, you add a bit more to your knowledge base, which can help you to figure out just where YOU could fit into the current publishing scene.  Whenever I see a neat book (PB or otherwise) at a bookstore......I can almost bet it'll be in my library ASAP.....usually without me even asking for it!  And those few I do ask for.....they gets them.  Your local library is an excellent place to start researching the PB industry.
I have become a pirate, and then come down with a bad case of stripes, not to mention having everyone hollar at me: David,No!.  I've painted everyday life with a sketchy cartoon style, and painted extraordinary impossible things in a realistic style.  My best seller was a Caldecott Honor book with this publisher.  Who am I???

I'll post the answer tomorrow!

The answer to Riddle is David Shannon.  He has both illustrated numerous picture books, and won a Caldecott Honor Book Award  for  "No, David!"  I found another in the series , "David gets in trouble" at my library.  His "little boy gone bad" books are done in a very cartoony style, with a lot of the outlines left showing under the acrylic washes.  Yet for other picture books, like "A Bad Case of Stripes" he paints least within the story frame. He's also illustrated a book with his brother Mark, called "The Acrobat and the Angel" which has lovely historical elements, yet he still keeps his own unique stylization of his main characters, within lovely oil settings. His publisher is Scholastic. He is a great example of a multi-styled illustrator.

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